Keeping with my promise to start doing reviews on entertainment properties that I love I have decided on the first projects that I will review.  For my choice of movie franchise I decided to start with one of the oldest… the Star Wars movie series:

The Star Wars started off with a couple of great movies but their last couple of entries have been marked with controversy…. speaking of controversy it leads to my choice of tv series that I want to review and its a recently new series based on a book that came out in 2007 called 13 Reasons Why:

With the movie franchise I will review each movie separately with different entries and have an entry that sums up the franchise as a whole. As for the tv series I will review each episode separately and separate entries on certain characters that I feel needs to be talked about and of course an ending summary. Basically I’m keeping myself busy with the multiple entries method…. but also I want to thoroughly break down my unbiased opinions on the subject matters. So come early 2018 I’m gonna get my opinions rolling whether I’m motivated or not.

Written by daylitojames

I'm just a man with an opinion.

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